“The ideal learning environment has one teacher for every student.  With self-paced branching video, this is possible.”

-Michael Sheppard CEO, Big Learning Machine

“What Big Learning Machine is doing is long-overdue. It’s clear that this sort of active learning far outstrips more conventional methods. Not only will students learn more, but they also will come away having enjoyed the experience and thirsty for more.”

– Stephen M. Kosslyn Former Chair, Department of Psychology, and Dean of Social Science, Harvard University – Founding Dean Minerva School of Arts and Sciences


What is the Big Learning Machine?

The Big Learning Machine is an educational web app capable of leading learners through complex hands on projects. Think of it as a self paced video tutorial that branches depending on learner needs moment to moment.  We call this Incremental Video Instruction, or IVI.

IVIs are coupled with projects developed at our summer STEM program Big Sky Build It!.  During the past two decades thousands of teachers and students have completed Big Sky Build It! projects, many of them powered by Big Learning Machine IVIs.

Big Learning Machine is a STEM kit that comes with an amazing teacher inside.


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